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Alpha Review (May 10, 2018)

As someone who grew up playing these types of games it's refreshing to see the dev didn't skimp out on difficulty because this gaming generation is soft. There was no one there to hold my hand as I stumbles about, desperately trying to stay alive and solve the mystery. So I applaud Dire Boar Games for that decision! 

Interview from Neocrisis

January 19, 2018

Any special advice for the fans playing Reality Incognita. Something like a special gameplay, tactic or a hidden gem?

Save often and in different slots! There are many situations where the protagonist can die, without pre-death warning or auto save. There are many places where one can waste an item that will be needed later, and by this get stuck, or bring the character to an unavoidable death

Ivica Milaric demo review October 26, 2016

The graphics of the game are still being finalized, while the sound and music, along with cool voice acting for the player character, show a well-defined game.

Adventure Gamers demo review February 11, 2017

Even with multiple puzzle solutions, players will need to explore thoroughly and think seriously about how to use the items they acquire, as Peri confronts ongoing threats that will lead to death if obstacles are approached carelessly.

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